C++ Programming

introduction of C++

  • Procedural vsOOP, Concept of Classes and objects, Encapsulation, Abstraction Inheritance, Polymorphism, Reference Variables, Default Arguments, Member Functions, Inline Function.
  • Call by Reference ,Call by Value, Call by Address, Structure vs. Class.
  • Passing and Returning Objects from Class, Access Specifier with examples.

Constructor Destructor

  • Default, Parameterized. Copy, Dynamic. Constructor and Destructor, operators-new and delete.
  • Scope Resolution Operator (::). Static Data Members and Member Functions with examples.

Overloading, & Type Conversion

  • Function Overloading & Friend Functions. Defining operator overloading, Rules for Overloading.
  • Overloading Unary, Binary Operator and Using Friend Function.
  • Manipulating Strings Using Operators. Type Conversion.


  • Defining Base and Derived classes, Single, Multilevel, Constructors in inheritance.
  • Multiple, Hierarchical, Hybrid Inheritance, Virtual Base Classes with Examples.


  • Early Vs Laic Binding. Pointer to Class, this pointer, Pointer to Base Class.
  • Virtual Function, Pure-Impure Virtual Function and Abstract Classes with examples.


  • Templates [Concept & Definition], Implementation of Template Functions, Class Templates and their

I/0 Basics, Manipulators and File Handling

  • Standard Streams, formatting output with standard ios functions and Manipulators. Formatted and Unformatted I/O Functions.
  • Classes for File Stream Operation.