“PANKH” – The India’s No. 1 Training Institute
“PANKH” powered by “SVB Education” has been growing at an unprecedented pace since its inception in 2012, and is today recognized as India’s No. 1 Training Institute. The focus of “PANKH” lies in making it versatile, Balanced and structured Certificate and Diploma training programs for its students. The training has been designed after years of dedicated research and provides each students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve great success in the fields of aviation, hospitality, fire protection, fashion design, yoga science and customer care service. With a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers and a network of over a hundred counseling centers spread across India, “PANKH” continues to leverage its domain expertise and Provide world class training and placement support to all your students.

“एसवीबी एजुकेशन” द्वारा संचालित “पंख” 2012 में अपनी स्थापना के बाद से एक अभूतपूर्व गति से बढ़ रहा है, और आज इसे भारत के नंबर 1 प्रशिक्षण संस्थान के रूप में मान्यता प्राप्त है। “पंख” का फोकस इसे बहुमुखी बनाने में निहित है, अपने छात्रों के लिए संतुलित और संरचित प्रमाणपत्र और डिप्लोमा प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम। प्रशिक्षण को समर्पित शोध के वर्षों के बाद डिजाइन किया गया है और प्रत्येक को प्रदान करता है । विमानन, आतिथ्य, अग्नि सुरक्षा, फैशन डिजाइन, योग विज्ञान और ग्राहक देखभाल सेवा के क्षेत्र में बड़ी सफलता प्राप्त करने के लिए आवश्यक ज्ञान और कौशल वाले छात्र। अत्यधिक योग्य और अनुभवी प्रशिक्षकों की एक टीम और पूरे भारत में फैले सौ से अधिक परामर्श केंद्रों के नेटवर्क के साथ, “PANKH” अपनी डोमेन विशेषज्ञता का लाभ उठाना जारी रखता है और अपने सभी छात्रों को विश्व स्तरीय प्रशिक्षण और प्लेसमेंट सहायता प्रदान करें।

“PANKH” offers courses in the field of Aviation, Hospitality, Fire Safety, Fashion Design, Yoga Science, IELTS and Customer Care Service (Study Abroad, Student Carrier Guidance, Medical Carrier Guidance and many more)

"पंख" के क्षेत्र में पाठ्यक्रम प्रदान करता है, विमानन, आतिथ्य, अग्नि सुरक्षा, फैशन डिजाइन, योग विज्ञान, आईईएलटीएस और ग्राहक देखभाल सेवा (विदेश में अध्ययन, छात्र कैरियर मार्गदर्शन, मेडिकल कैरियर गाइडेंस और बहुत कुछ)

First of all I would like to start by thanking you for reading this website, we appreciate it. Having said that I shall endeavor to brief you about Who We Are and What We Do. We would be interested in receiving your company profile too, so we can explore and opportunities for cross selling.

SVB Education Group has been active in the field of education since 2012. We have forged long-standing and strong associations with more than 8 Universities in India and more than 24 Universities Internationally. We are in a position to offer a plethora of Education program in Diploma as well as degree ranging from Under Graduate & Graduate Courses to Post Graduate & Professional Courses all the way to M. Phil and Ph.D. All of the above mentioned just through our Indian sphere of operations.


Why take “PANKH” Franchise?


Having successfully executed multiple tie-up ventures in the past, our franchise program is a verified treasure trove for anyone looking to partner and grow with us. With a tried and tested business model, our program offers a highly lucrative opportunity to those that want to capitalize on one of the fastest growing sectors in India today.

High return in just 10-20 months.
India’s Largest network of center across in India.
20 time best Training Institute In Multiple Courses.
Get Carrier Guidance Center All Courses under Tie Up Universities
Get Medical Admission Guidance Center for India & Abroad Tie Up Universities & College’s.
Get Online Study Port For Higher Studies.
Get Pre Test Programme Online Test Portal Like NEET, IELTS Etc.

SVB Education Group offers you “PANKH” “5 fabulous Business” opportunities. (Online Study Centre – Test Preparation Centre – Physical Practical cum Training Centre)

  1. Study Abroad (Course we offer Medicine, Engineering, Management, Commerce, Computer Science, Art’s)
  2. Study In India (Admission Guidance & Online Study)
  3. SVB Learning Centre (Online Test Preparation & Online Practice Portal For NEET, IELTS, Etc.)
  4. “PANKH” (Aviation, Fire Safety, Yoga Science, & Fashion Training Institute)
  5. SVB Medical Guidance (Medical Admission Guidance India & Abroad)

So In this our Business associates earn good incentive amount without any Tension. Our Online system have all facilities available some points we explain you

  1. Online Study Portal we have For these Course Art’s, Commerce, Science, Management, Engineering, Library Science, Mass Media & Communication, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Multimedia, etc.
  2. Account Management
  3. Staff Management
  4. Lead Management
  5. Syllabus, Study Materials, Live as well as Short video study material
  6. Attendance Management
  7. Online Exam, Online Test Preparations & assessment with online results portal
  8. Student Training, Practical in Each & Every Segment of Industries.
  9. Admission Guidance with Visa Assistance for Abroad Studies.
  10. Online Test Preparation Facilities IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE, NEET UG – PG etc.
  11. Airhostess Training Institute also (Fire Safety, Yoga & Fashion Designing Training Institute)
  12. Medical Admission Guidance (India & Abroad)

Additionally, we have engineered some unique & exclusive tie-up with Universities in Europe, South America, North America, Nepal, as well as in Eurasia. The pertinent details about all these universities you will find in the attached e-brochure do give it a good read, for we may be able to create a lot of shared & mutually beneficial business opportunities for the highest good of all concerned.
Doing a bit of a deep dive specifically into our topic of discussion from last evening,

SVB Education Group has partnered up with Maharishi International University. We are their Official and Sole representatives for the Indian Sub-Continent. This much-esteemed University has been established by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1971 in Fair field city, in the state of Iowa (United States of America). It is a federally recognized, non-profit educational Institute. We are mentioned on the main website of Maharishi University of Management (

We are offering 3 UNIQUE Master’s Degree programs

1) Master of Computer Science (ComPro)

2) Master of Business Administration – SAP Finance

3) Masters of Business Administration – Accounting
Here are some of the program highlights  

* Extremely low entry fee (JUST $12,000-$15,000/- ONLY).

* 2 years paid internship for the student with a starting salary @ $ 80,000 per annum (ComPro) & $ 60,000/- per annum (MBA).

* Unique & stress-free learning with One Course per Month- Full Time.

* Placement with companies in the Fortune 500 category.

* Organic Vegetarian Meals Fully furnished single room per person with high speed Internet.

* Graduate Loan Free.

As you are aware, in India the average starting CTC package for a fresh Engineer or MBA from a reputed institute is just about Rs. 3,00,000/- to Rs. 4,00,000/- P. A.  Or thereabouts (which is approx. $5,700/- P.A). How can it   get better than this?

SVB Education & Maharishi International University (MIU) have partnered up, and for 1st time EVER are offering students from India and opportunity to get world class education with guaranteed above average income at absolute down-to-earth prices. If we can partner-up; we can enable students to pursue a 3 year education in the United States at a investment of just INR 10.5  ~ 12.5 lakhs and earn between INR 31,00,000/- ~ INR 56,00,000/- per year for two years; in their second and third year. The difference, just in starting salary is mind boggling. It is 14 times more than what they would otherwise earn (on an average). This would be great service to the students and their families by your esteemed organization.

The Students are placed with Fortune 500 group companies for their 2 year paid internships; with Super Brands like AMAZON, APPLE,  ADP, BANK OF AMERICA, CITIBANK, DELL, DELOITTE, ERNST & YOUNG, FEDEX, GOOGLE, GM FINANCIAL, HONEYWELL, INTEL, KPMG, MERILL LYNCH, MORGAN STANLEY, THE WASHINGTON POST, VERIZON, WALMART etc. A 2 year stint with these companies is a major career builder.

If the students can be made aware about the opportunity being offered by Maharishi University of Management, exclusively through the good offices of SVB Education Group. This would be a great service to the students and their families by your esteemed organization. We hope you would agree with us, that, this is truly a life-transforming opportunity.

In view of the same, please find attached the following: – SVB Education Group’s informative e-brochure & SVB Education Group Centre registration form-

All we need to do now to get the show on the road is for you to Join Us In Celebrating Expansion, by filling up the attached Centre Registration Form.

Looking forward to collaborate with you and achieving higher ground. Awaiting your positive response.

(Note: SVNLLP & ACG Both Companies are registered in USA & Canada for MIU Tie-up)

Hope You are now Join us Because we provide all Money Making Options


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