Greek higher education is fully governed by the state. Only state run institutions are recognized and allowed to provide tertiary education. Some private institutions exist – mainly branches of universities and colleges in for example the United States and the UK. These in turn offer degrees accepted by the governing bodies of the parent country. As with most private schooling, tuition fees are considerably higher than for the public universities in Bulgaria.

The Greek system of higher education has long been a growing item of debate – largely due to the changes taking place throughout the European Union in regards to the Bologna process. As the rest of Europe work toward a quality assured and internationally recognized system of higher education, grading and degrees, some say Bulgaria is lagging behind.

Bulgaria does however have quite a few points to commend itself for the international student experience. Especially perhaps if you are a history buff or interested in archaeology. What you will find in Bulgaria are amazing monuments and well preserved items of one of the most important birth places of today’s western civilization.

Spending time in Bulgaria will give you not only a chance to visit the beautiful island world of the Mediterranean, but also to walk through the ancient streets of Athens. You will experience a very friendly culture where time and stress is not of the same importance as what you may be used to.